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WebMX Group LTD is comprised of a collection of initiatives. Beginning with a boutique style marketing investment firm and adventure launchpad for test running businesses be they tech startups or something profitable, perhaps unusual. When you have a unique challenge but something undeniably interesting and at the same time demonstrates a clear and obvious revenue potential but you are not translating to dollars, we may be the only people to help.

The cooperatively run investment and advisory firm is lightweight in overhead to leave us nimble and unafraid. Based in Southern California, our main investment classes are real estate, technology, contextual ad networks still privately held, and on rare occasions publishing and entertainment.

WebMX invests in technologies and familiar verticals in largely in Southern California but spend virtually no time in San Francisco, and are perfectly comfortable with this.

Our investments include debt, equity and equity-linked options. We also provide capital structure and operational consulting for technologies and familiar verticals.

The Ventures team pioneers all new projects and R&D that requires, well, a more adventurous and focused effort. Always experimental, Ventures has no boundaries no rule book to follow. A project can last a weekend or a year. Serving Arizona, Portland, Chicago, WebMX and the Ventures Team in Central and South America, add value through strategic developments, sales strategy and specialize in low cost high yield, high risk acquisitions and consults on operational improvements costs cutting and revitalizing businesses built wrong.

Good ideas are not in short supply, WebMX is interested in revenue streams, not abstractions of dollars or funny money. A potential to fill an open space in your vertical and a competitive advantage or 3, also tend to take priority.

Dedication and loyalty are at our core, it is only good manners to reciprocate. Our team is a charismatic management team that only knows how to drive business forward brand architecting and resets if necessary, a superfast business model makeover to make operations cut fat and run lean and unified towards a clear and concise set of quickly attainable objectives. This perspective requires investing in a solid team who can recognize opportunities and know when to shift gears, or create a market. We require the freedom to manuever as we need, things can happen quickly.

If its viable, and the metrics justify it you can expect anything from quadrupling PPC conversion in 4 of the most sought after verticals, because we've never not done that.

Maybe a nationwide distributorship has some legal and financial challenges if only the marketing can be shortcut...done. $0 to $80k in 8 weeks, autopilot 45-65k monthly for 24 months and counting still...done.

Both projects were started with no money both generated a million in revenue.

The belief of “investing in honest people" is the basic criteria from which anything of value will grow. It must start there. Matched with less than enough resources but a viable theory, a respectable stake in what we build, and a good chemistry can be all thats needed for our next big project.


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